Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hunting Season!

"Be Veowwy quiet!! I'm huntin chocowate wabbits!!!"

When I was growing up, Easter was a frilly ordeal... we ('we' means me, and my neices Stacey and Kristie who were only a year, and two years younger than me) were always so excited because we knew it was time to get those fantastic baskets full of candy and beautiful colored eggs. Now even though it was supposed to be a secret just where those eggs came from, my father usually drafted me in for some 'father/daughter egg dying' the night before, so somehow that ended up being a tradition that I still hold today... In fact i'll be doing that with my Dad this Saturday night!

Where was I?? Oh yes, Easter Sunday...We would always get a brand new pretty dress and shoes to wear, and of course Mom would take us to church in our new 'frocks', and we couldn't wait to get out so we could go home and tear into our chocolate, and have the yearly "Easter Egg Hunt!"

Finally, church service would let out (oh it seemed like it went on for hours on end), and we would go home and prepare! My oldest sister, Vickie would usually organize the egg hunt so we were somehow detained inside the house while they went outside hiding eggs everywhere they could think of. We didn't quite mind the confinement I guess because it gave us a chance to start annhialating the Chocolate rabbit in our decorative easter basket. For some reason, the first thing to dissappear from my rabbit was the ears (or the little candy eye if it had one).

Once sufficiently 'tanked up' on sugary treats, it was time to go outside rampaging for the hidden treasures! We scoured the entire front yard, or usually a specific boundary that the sisters would specify--you know, a point that they did not go beyond when hiding the eggs. Of course whoever found the most eggs would win, and there were a couple of occasions when we would run across a rotten egg that had remained hidden since the last Easter Egg Hunt (WHEWW!!!). But those glittery, colorful baskets and sunny days hunting eggs on the green, green grass of home will forever live in my vivid memory of shiny childhood treasures.


  1. OMG, I love this post! I'll have to post up some of my Easter memories too.

    I'm a firm believer in attacking the chocolate bunny ears first. It's just the only way to do it! :)

  2. Oh and I love this quote:

    "Be Veowwy quiet!! I'm huntin chocowate wabbits!!!"


  3. Thanks Chellz... Glad at least u liked it... **quivering lip--sad look**


  4. I loved it and I'm sure everyone else did too. We get lots of readers but not too many commenters. Hopefully, they'll leave their mark soon. :)


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