Sunday, April 29, 2007

Night Time is the Right Time

If nothing else, the video clip posted below takes me back to sixth grade:

I'm sitting in Family Studies class and chit chatting with the three girls seated in the desks adjacent to mine (while sewing haplessly on one of my horrid projects--I was never known for my sewing techniques). We're discussing the latest episode of The Cosby Show because at the time it was something unique and during the first season, still funny.

If you were a fan of the show, you'll fondly remember the clip. It was one of my favourites (the other one being the "I say ay mon" segment). The song, "Night Time is the Right Time" was featured in the clip and whenever I hear the tune, it instantly reminds me of that episode. Take it away Ray Charles:


  1. I love the Cosby Show... :)

    Too lazy to log in, Jaxxxxxx

  2. Hi Jaxxxxxxx! Remember the Gordon Gartrell episode (not sure of te spelling of that but it was Theo's designer shirt episode)! Funny.

  3. YES!!! I remember that!!! That makes me sad the 90s were just as memorable as the 80s :( **sobbing in soup**

  4. Aww don't sob in your soup Jax! I agree, the 90s were just as memorable. So, we've got to add some good 90s memories/posts here as well.


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