Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Other Shelly

I was a shy kid. All through school, and that includes college, I was shy. Even now, I'm the quiet one in new situations. I don't do small talk well and I'm not comfortable when I don't know any or many folks where I am, ie parties. I didn't make friends easily, but I always seemed to manage to find one, even if they were as odd as I was/am!

A while back, my best friend from high school through college (though we went to different colleges), Wendy, found my email addy by Googling me and after 25 years, finally got together again. It was nice chatting with each other about old times and there was the day we went back to the old neighborhood and took photos. But there were years we couldn't share, those of elementary school. We attended different PS'es.

I had 2 friends in elementary school. Alice, whom I stayed friends with til soon after my marriage in 1985 (she was already married with 3 sons by then), and Shelly. Yes, there was another Shelly. A more popular Shelly. And among her friends, she counted me and Alice. We were movie buddies. We saw lots of movies together at the old, local movie theater. The kind of movie theater that had giveaway nights (lottery-type events, but I only went during the days), and showed short subjects, travelogues, and serials along with the main feature. I can't remember for sure if all 3 of us saw these movies together, but among the ones I saw with either one or both Alice and Shelly were: "Wait Until Dark," "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte," and "Psycho."

I've been on for a number of years now, ever since Wendy told me she'd tried looking for me there first, but I wasn't then a member. And I recently decided to look for Shelly there and found her. But neither of us were Gold members, so we couldn't read each other's messages on the site. I hate the way the site seems to extort money from users, but if not for hearing how difficult it was to cancel a paid membership, I would've upgraded years ago. But I wanted to read Shelly's answer to my message, so I upgraded. And I'm glad I did.

She still lives in NYC and told me I was one of the reasons she joined Classmates, hoping to find me among a few others. We're hoping to get together for lunch in a week. I'm excited. And to put this in perspective for you younger folks, when we do get together, it'll be the first time we'll see each other in 42 years (minus a couple of months).

I'll report back after the reunion. :)


  1. Wow! I can't wait to hear about the reunion Shelly!

    I've tried to find friends on classmates, facebook etc. but my old pals are seemingly nowhere to be found. I only managed to find one friend from elementary/middle school just by googling him. He was floored that someone actually looked him up and it opened up a flood of memories. It's funny, he has a phd now but we talked about Inspector Gadget and other crazy stuff.

  2. Maybe it's something about hitting middle age. We boomers seem to have an interest in recapturing the past now that we've hit our 50s. ;)

  3. Exciting! i'm not removed enough from the horrors of my high school experience to climb out from under my rock, but via myspace did locate my best friend in sixth grade, my first boyfriend for real, A, and a few folks I did theater with. But in my fashion, I am still mostly anonymous there as well. You are braver than I. But I'm realizing the need to come full circle, slowly.

  4. hi my dear new friend,

    It's very interesting to meet the dear old friends; especially the ones we care for them more.
    Wish you happy days with your friends and family.


  5. One thing about the internet, it's easy to stay detached until contact is established and you see how it goes. When I saw she was as excited about getting together as I was, I could relax and get into the moment.

    Now for the actual meeting to not be a disappointment. It's one thing to reunite with someone you've known from high school, through college. You were both adults the last time you saw each other, with fully formed personalities and interests. But to have been 12 (well, Shelly was only 11 1/2 as I recall), well, that's a bit scary. Who knows how we'll meet up with expectations. :)


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