Saturday, April 07, 2007

Prayer and Chocolates

Good Friday and Easter were always solemn occasions in my home, not surprising since we grew up in a household lead by a pastor's daughter who held fast to her father's convictions. The former was a day of prayer and reflection while the latter was one of jubilation and daydreams—present a kid with bunny folklore and what do you expect?

I suppose it's no secret that I haven't fully grown up yet. I've retained many of the same interests and impulses that I had when I was a kid, even as I march through adulthood. I still feel the same inside, only experiences have changed and time has passed but I'm still me.

The Easter holiday weekend is no exception, as the day looms nearer, I still have the strongest desire to make little paper bunnies and glue cotton ball tails onto them just as I did in fourth grade. I was quite an expert on paper bunnies back then, largely owing to a wonderful book called "Things to Make and Do for Easter". My brother and I ordered it from Scholastic Books and were completely taken with it. There were bunny riddles, stories, crafts and all sorts of inspiration that a young child would need to create the most magical Easter celebration, right within their own home. Equipped with eggs, dyes, paper and cotton balls, we were on our way.

I would be amiss if I were to neglect mentioning the chocolates. Boy did we love our chocolates at Easter, especially those Cadbury's Creme Eggs. Heaven, pure and simple. My brother and I usually received a creme egg each and then shared one large Allan's chocolate bunny, making it last the weekend long through careful bouts of rationing. It was difficult, as once I got past those ears (eat the ears first I say), I was programmed as if by instinct to continue onwards. I had to master restraint, of course.

There was one Easter where prayer and chocolate collided in a far more disastrous way than any of us ever anticipated. That was the year my misguided uncle made his idiot son eat a whole packet of Ex-lax (chocolate laxative) because for some strange reason he thought the Easter long weekend was ripe for colonic irrigation (seeing that there were four days in which to do it before his charges headed back to school). It didn't exactly help matters that my uncle was a wee bit "dosage-challenged" and simply thought that since it was only chocolate, "what harm could a whole packet do?"

Needless to say, my cousin spent that entire Easter weekend on the crapper. He even telephoned my brother whilst seated on the toilet. It was that bad. Precious memories. Luckily my brother and I, for our part, escaped those mandatory Ex-lax sessions with the use of our grey cells, as my uncle later infected the other adults in our kinship to adopt the long holiday weekend colonic irrigation ritual. We simply faked it and lucky for us our parents never had the dosage impairment qualities that my poor uncle had, so it was easy. If it weren't for my brother's quickwittedness, I too would have spent many an Easter on the crapper. Thanks mate.

Happy Easter and Passover to one and all.


  1. Here's one scriptural interpretation - - of a very sillly short film - - about Creme Eggs...

  2. Thanks so much for the link! I would have so been all over those eggs. Okay that sounded weird, but you know what I mean. Awesome vid!

  3. I am just tickled pink about the ExLax event--that was terrible judgement, I'm so sorry he had to go through that. Sounds like Chocolate was the savior of your Easters, and there were not such great feelings in retrospect.

    Well thank goodness for the good ones. Great read Chelly!


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