Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rocket Robin Hood

Remember Rocket Robin Hood? A futuristic and animated take on the Robin Hood tale. The theme song takes me back--it's almost haunting to hear it now. My brother and I used to watch it before school each morning with bowls of cereal in hand. If I remember correctly episodes were also broadcast during the weekends. So naturally we watched it then as well...with bowls of cereal.

Cartoons and cereal go so well together! A clip of the theme song is posted below:


  1. I loved and love Rocket Robin Hood!!! Cartoon network were airing some episodes not too long ago.

  2. Thanks D.P! I haven't seen an acutal episode in ages. It's nice to see that some fans online have taken the time to pay tribute to the show. Good to keep the memory alive.

  3. Anonymous4/29/2007


    I'm glad you posted that. Great memories. I remember the show being somewhat scary when it first aired. Then again I was 4 and the abominable snowman on Rudolph also scared me. How times have changed for kids these days.

    Teletoon took the series off a year or two ago. Wish I had taped it.


  4. Hi Alan! So glad you dropped by. I wish I had taped the series too. I never realized back then how much these cartoons would mean to me years later.

    I too was frightened of that darn abominable snowman. My friend once confessed to me that at the age of 3 he had nightmares about the guy.


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