Thursday, April 26, 2007

Scratch and Sniff

I had a post in the works for scratch and sniff stickers for sometime but after seeing Hi-ReS! Feed's wonderfully nostalgic entry yesterday, I just had to mention it sooner. If you were a collector of those delightfully scented stickers, then you'll love the post. The stickers were widely popular in the late 70s up until the mid-80s. In my school they were huge. Teachers often rewarded students with a scratch and sniff sticker on well written reports or essays. But the real show was with the kids. I remember we diligently collected, traded and stored them in photo albums. Having a thorough collection was a sign of status.

I will have to dig up my sticker album from the 80s which I still have with me. How I loved stickers. Everytime my family went to Sears, I would beg my mother for a packet. She often wondered why I loved them so, seeing as I never stuck them on anything.

It was pure passion. I just had to have them.


  1. Yep I still have my sticker albums. Although I had to scrounge around for the smelly ones. They sure were cool. Remember the stinky ones oh and those crazy Garbage pail kids? Oh and those nice puffy ones.
    I'm sure some are probably collectible, if not now they will be eventually.

  2. Hi! I remember the stinky ones and the Garbage pail kids! LOL! I always loved the puffy ones too. I think I might still have some. I have to definitely check out my old album.

  3. Oh how this takes me back. I had those exact stickers. I so wish I still had my sticker album. I had to make my own out of an old photo album but I had all sorts of stickers. I too liked the puffy ones and I was in 2nd grade when garbage pail kids came out. It caused quite a stir at my school as the kids were so obsessed there would be fights. They finally made it "illegal" to bring them to our school. I remember a 5th grader got a massive pile confiscated. Hundreds of them, he cried like a baby.

  4. I still have my 2 sticker books also. I loved buying stickers and also trading them with friends. My favourite were the smelly and puffy ones. I started collecting them again in the late 90s - early 2000s and have 2 books from then as well.


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