Monday, April 23, 2007

Sentimental Journey

Reposting for Chels! :)

Tastes, smells and sensations that strike up memories and make me sentimental...

  • Oscar De Larenta cologne, it reminds me of all the wonderful times spent with my sister, Vickie growing up.

  • Old Country music in restaurants, I can see my Dad, straight and tall and strong as an Ox walking into a Truck Stop on a long haul, or a family trip with us.

  • Juicy, red ripe watermelon, takes me straight to a hot summer day at home. I can envision my Mom in her 'work jeans', sitting outside in the heat still drinking coffee, we sprinkle a bit of salt on the melon, and I can almost smell the freshly cut summer grass.

  • Insense and certain air freshener, reminds me of living at Bo's house.

  • Wind Song perfume (by Prince Matchavelli), I can close my eyes and see Mom getting ready for church on a sunday morning in her best suit or dress, looking like a billion dollars, me still sleeping, squeezing every last moment I could and hoping she wouldn't make me go.

  • Classic Old Lysol (the Hospital smelling kind), makes me think once again of Mom disinfecting the house early on Saturdays when I was still trying to sleep off the night before, usually followed by loud vaccuming.

  • "Realm" Cologne, and Pine scented candles remind me of "Z".

  • Eternity Cologne makes me think of Manuel.

  • Corn Dogs and grilled smells take me back to the Mid-South Fair.

  • The smell of roasted peanuts and almonds, etc remind me of a time when my parents used to take us to Sear's in the Southland Mall before the neighborhood turned completely bad.

  • Aussie shampoo and hairspray, remind me of my first trip to Florida on spring break (where I got the weirdest haircut of my life).

  • Edie Brekell and REM songs, remind me of Commercial Art and Design classes with my most inspirational teacher, Kim Varnadoe... Sitting in class working on our projects listening to music. Ms. Varnadoe showed me that a woman could be anybody she wanted to be if she just followed through.

  • Theme song from "The Wonder Years" (Joe Cocker's "A Little Help From My Friends") reminds me of my sister, Jeanne's house, spending time with Ginger, Brandy and Chrissy before they too grew up and left me, playing Mario Bro's, watching kids movies and laughing.

  • Here's to the times when life was young and so were we,
    there was nothing we couldn't do...
    we were fantastically free.
    No chains, no worries just mysteries to solve.
    We had all the time in the world to evolve.
    We laughed and we loved, without thought we sang our song...
    Please take me back before the world went all wrong.
    Give me back those smiling eyes, summers and times full of glee,
    return all the magic, my family and me...
    (by Jackie Cutler Wood)


    1. Thank you Jax. I love this one! :)

    2. Music and smells definitely bring back memories for me. My grandma at the farm liked Jean Nate, grandma next door liked Windsong, mom liked Charlie and Dad liked Old Spice. These perfumes/colognes were Christmas gifts from my brother and I to them a few times or more.

    3. Timeless powder/perfume always reminds me of my mum.


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