Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fashion Sense

I had a phase in the early 80s where I wanted to wear clogs.

Actually, I needed to wear clogs. All the older girls (and some guys) wore them, and looked quite stylish in my juvenile opinion. I thought I too surely would look cool if only I had a pair of my own, and thus begged my mum to buy them. She finally agreed, after weeks of saying: "No! You'll fall!"


When I finally got my beloved brown clogs from Sears, I could barely move in them. I tried walking to school with them on, and that dear friends, was bloody painful. My cousin even had a nightmare that I drowned in them and was in near tears when she saw me wearing them at school. The pain, the humiliation, everyone's fears for my life...all prompted quick action.

As soon as I got home that day, I placed them aside and never wore them again.

Source: (Sears ad, 1970)

The experience was much like my leg warmer phase (fiasco) of the mid-eighties. The rainbow coloured ones my mum bought me from Woolco (oh how I miss you Woolco) never could stay up. They kept falling down to my ankles. That was also another miserable day at school. I chucked them once I got home.


  1. I could never wear clogs. When I tried, I kept walking out of them, which can be dangerous. My sister had a pair. I need ankle support.

  2. Dangerous is right! I had a helluva time walking in them that day. I'm with you on the ankle support thing.

  3. Yeah Woolco who can forget that store. None the less I got my red leg warmers at Miracle Mart. Only ware them once or maybe twice. They just got in the way. I guess the only reason why I got them in the first place is to fit in but it as usual didn’t work.

    None the less didn’t have the clogs but had the popular jelly shoes. Loved those. I still have a pair of florescent orange some place deep in a closet.


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