Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Hot Dog Man

When Kristie, Stacey and I were kids we would spend hours in the summertime outdoors. We would either be playing "School" in the carport, or playing in the yard. If we were at my house there's no telling what part of the ten acres I called home we were 'digging up' or hosing down.

Of course, all that playing can work up quite an appetite so we usually popped in the house periodically through the day to snack on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or those 'Ice Pops' that our parents would keep in the freezer.

However, one of the most memorable of these snacks was a creation of my Sister, Vickie. She made us "Hot Dog Men". This was done by cutting the hot dog in such a way that he took on the appearance of having arms, legs and a head. You could further dress him up with mustard or ketchup, or whatever condiments if you preferred. Then once he was cooked his limbs would come to life.

We would all eat our hot dog men, and then spend the rest of the afternoon informing the other of his current location, as if the Hot Dog Man would take off running through our bodies.

"My hot dog man is right here in my arm!" Kristie would say.

"Well mine is running here in my leg!" I would point. Then we would laugh and continue with our 'make believe' duties outside.

I wonder where he is right now? :)


  1. Jax, this was a one of a kind post. So imaginative, I wouldn't expect anything less from you as a child (or now). I love your hot dog man (great pic)! And the fact that you guys tried to figure out "where" he was located is just too cute.

    I used to love playing with my food as well. Rearranging the portions on your plate, so that it looks like a face or spells out a word, was always fun! :)

  2. Heh the only game I played at my house when I was little was "guess what it once was" food game. :D
    It was one of the factors that made me want to learn how to cook well. ;)

    My neighbor on the other hand use to play with the mushrooms from his meal. He would put the cap on one of his finger and sing a little song about mushroom man. It was so cute.


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