Monday, May 07, 2007

Making Rainbows

While riding down the street this past weekend with my Husband, we spotted a gorgeous rainbow. It reminded me of my childhood, as when I used to help my Mother wash her big shiny black Pick-up Truck, we discovered that if you allow the water to spray in a mist that you could make your own Rainbows at will. We still have a photo of me in the back of her truck holding up the water hose as my father captured my rainbow on film. I don't have that photo available, but just imagine a hot summer's day, when you're a kid you will use any excuse to spray water to cool down, so making rainbows was just the medicine we needed.

When we weren't making rainbows we were running through the sprinklers in the back yard, which was just as great... but then, everything was great as a child... and everything felt magical.


  1. Making rainbows were lots of fun. I think for every kid, it's an amazing discovery when you realize that you can make your own.

    Washing cars were lots of fun too, especially if you had family and friends helping you out.

    Running through the sprinklers was insane fun. I remember passing many an afternoon like that with friends.

    Oh and here's another one: blowing bubbles!! Loved that. Another cool discovery: to find that you could create bubbles with your hands and a bit of soapy water!

  2. Truly Chelly!! :)

    Hey weird--I thought with a post about Rainbows I'd at least get one 'gay' comment from MJ... ?? Eh? :P


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