Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jump Into the Pages of a Book

Last year, I wrote an entry about how I spent weekends during my childhood reading Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories. Actually, the reading of bedtime stories was not just a weekend indulgence nor one saved for bedtime, it was simply whenever the opportunity or mood presented itself. We only owned Volume One (there were ten others that I've still yet to read) of the series but honestly one was enough for us to escape into and indulge in the wonderful stories and rich illustrations that were found inside.

There was one picture, in particular (see below), that had my brother and I completely mesmerized, in fact we'd spend ages gawking at it. It completely captures the essence of childhood in my opinion. The volumes were first published in the 50s (as you might have guessed by looking at the scanned image). If you enlarge the pic (just click on it), you will notice some novice pen marks. Ever the artists we were!

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