Friday, June 01, 2007

On the Buses

Remember On the Buses (1969-1973)? It was a Britcom about the misadventures of a bus driver named "Stan Butler" who was employed by the "Luxton & District Traction Company". The series follows Stan, his eccentric family (remember Olive?) and nutty coworkers.

For die hard fans, there's a cool fan club devoted to the show, filled with trivia, imagery etc. Click here to read related childhood memories of the site's creator.

And ah, that theme song. It was always enjoyable to listen to:


  1. Guess who bought the entire collection on DVD?

    Just in case we have a long wet summer. Followed by yet another long wet winter.

  2. The entire collection!!! Lucky gal indeed! I gotta get me that collection too. In fact, there are literally a ton of Britcoms that I have to get on DVD or that I hope will eventually be put on DVD!!

    Remember "Doctor's on The Go?", "Some Mother's Do Have 'Em", and "Man About the House"?

    Ah good times!

  3. Yes! All of the above. You can get most of them on either VHS or DVD through the independent video stores.

  4. Really MJ? That's awesome! I'm going to have to head over to some video stores this week then.

  5. Well if they have them in this frickin' backwater city then they should have them for sure where you are.

  6. :) Then hopefully they'll be in my hands soon (videos/dvds), yay!

    Remember "Me and My Girl" with Richard O'Sullivan? I want that series the most. Found a few clips on YouTube, will post them soon. :)

  7. I'll need reminding for Me and My Girl. Look forward to it.


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