Thursday, June 28, 2007

One Year Already

(Image: Randolph Caldecott)

". . . the companions of our childhood always possess a certain power over our minds which hardly any later friend can obtain."
--Mary Shelley

I believe the definition of "companions" in the quote above, can be expanded to include: toys, cartoons, TV shows, siblings, imaginary beings etc., in addition to those chums (the whole lot of them) that inhabited our neighbourhoods, schools and playgrounds.

Remembering those little moments and long forgotten adventures (whether real or imagined), is why I started this blog just over a year ago (June 24, 2006 to be exact). And with a host of contributors on board, it's been even more enjoyable.

Many thanks to everyone who writes for, reads and/or comments on this blog. So hooray and here's to more fun and shared adventures on I Miss My Childhood!


  1. It's been an honor. Thanks for inviting me. :)

  2. Thank you Shelly. :) It's been an honor having you and all of the other contributors! I love reading everyone's stories (adventures) and looking at all of our pics. :)

  3. Please stay with us too Chells!! We can't do without you... I try to post here whenever I can... but it's so busy lately. I'm still reading though! Don't leave us totally!

  4. You're so sweet Jaxx. I'll still be here (am taking a break from the other one). Post only when the inspiration hits ya. :) By the way, all of your posts have been wonderful Jaxx.

  5. Anonymous7/05/2007

    Happy Anniversary Chelly.

    You started a great thing here and I'm so happy to have been invited to join.

    Much Love

  6. Thank you so much Jody!! Having you on board makes this blog truly special. You have such a connection to your own childhood, and to childhood in general. I'm inspired by all of your posts (here and on your blog). :)



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