Monday, July 23, 2007

Fun with Paint

I always love arts and crafts in school. I remember loving playing with fingerpaint and drawing. I especially loved making these things which look like Rorschach inkblot tests, though at the time, I had no clue what those were, psychology still years in my future. We'd squirt paint on paper, then fold it. There were curvy lines on one side that served as guides as to which way to "push" the paint by rubbing.

I saved these three that I was especially proud of. The paper has faded a bit (I bumped up the contrast in Photoshop and lightened them a bit) and the paint is rough and thick, but they still have a richness in color from close to 45 years ago, maybe a year or two longer.

I also remember neato machines that spun. They had them at the Boardwalk at the beach and we found them in amusement parks when we were on vacation back in the '60s. You'd choose your colors and squirt paint on heavy gloss paper and the machine operator would set it inside the device, then spin it and you'd be presented with your shiny concoction. I wish I still had a couple of those works of "art."


  1. Those are beautiful! I loved fingerpainting too. I've always found it so soothing.

  2. Thanks, Chelly. :)

  3. Morning sunshine,
    Loved the paintings, boy I'd like to get my hands on the spin art we made as teenagers at our county fair. Now that second pic, it always gets me in trouble in "psych" evaluations..well, I see what I see...No i don't write professionally, but one day with a little help from my friends....

  4. Hullo Jinks, I wish I had kept some of the art I did in my younger days too. Especially the stuff from high school. My art teachers were hippies and the ideas/lessons they shared/taught were so cool.

    One day you will for sure Jinks. You've got the talent! :)

  5. Cool! Being an artistic soul, I love this sort of thing. The first one is 2 duck guys with gloves on, boxing.

    2nd one is an insane clown.

    3rd one I'm not sure of yet... I started trying to over analyze :)

  6. Jax, I totally see the two duck guys boxing! :)

  7. I never have seen anything in these. And with my BA in psych, I'm now too aware of hidden meanings to want to try. ;)


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