Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So Long Honest Ed Mirvish (1914-2007)

If you grew up in Toronto or ever visited the city, chances are you dropped by Honest Ed's, the famous discount store located downtown at the intersection of Bathurst and Bloor. The store was named after its owner, Ed Mirvish who simply was unlike any other businessman to have ever set foot in our city (and country). He was one of a kind.

Aside from establishing his landmark store, Mirvish also invested in and revitalized Toronto's theatre scene and was well known for his philanthropic pursuits. Clear and simple, the man gave back to the people.

Christmastime and Thanksgiving Turkey giveaways. How could one ever forget that? As rich as he was and as well established as he was, he never forgot the working class nor the immigrants who settled in the city. He wanted everyone to feel welcome.

When my mum first went to Honest Ed's back in the day, I raided the shopping bags that she brought home, excited to see what she had purchased. I remember reaching inside and grabbing a small bottle of "Ponds" face cream and lathering it up on my face, adoring the smell. It's something I always remember whenever I think of Honest Ed's.

The news of Ed's passing today takes one back. The loss is great.


  1. Hello Chelly,
    Good story on Mr. Ed.
    The passing of these "living landmarks" helps to mark our lives. They sure don't make em like they use to eh?

    come see me soon.

  2. Hi Jinks!! What a lovely comment. Honest Ed really made a huge impact on the city, it really takes one back.

    So nice to hear from you btw. I'll definitely stop by and visit you soon. :)

  3. I am SO sorry. I LOVE your blog and was trying to "bookmark" it to tell friends about it and I clicked Flag this Blog (I am new to Blog Land) and was horrified to see I had flagged you as inappropriate! I hope I haven't messed anything up for you, if I have please tell me how to fix it. I think you and your friends are lovely.

  4. D. Prince: It really was sad. A Toronto landmark for sure.

    Keet: No worries. I have almost done that myself sometimes. If the Blogger peeps have any questions, I'll let them know it was an accident. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by. Drop by anytime. :)


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