Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sweet Smell of Youth


Okay, so my titles are hardly great, but these perfumes are! Wow, what a segue. Anyway, I had pulled these out for a photo because they're nice little bottles and I was playing with depth of field, then realized they would make a nice post here because, well, they're from my childhood.

My uncle gave them to me when I was 8 or 9, or thereabouts. I really don't remember, except that I was fairly young. Before he got married and had his own kids, he gave me the best presents. He also gave me a locket, which one of these days, I might remember to take a pic of. But these French perfumes were amazing. Very grown-up. And I never opened them. I could smell them anyway, and decided they would be nice to keep in my underwear drawer. The effect of the scents has faded over the years, but if I hold the bottles to my nose, I can still smell the sweet scents. It is interesting though, that while none of the bottles have ever been opened, the contents have been evaporating at different rates, with some bottles almost empty while the others have a fair amount of perfume remaining.

To help you get the scale, the bottles in the picture are sitting in a dollhouse!


  1. Shelly, this was an awesome post and great title to boot! :) I still have a few tiny bottles of "scents" that my mum gave me during elementary school. I used those up to the last drop though.

    And I also still have a perfume that my godmother gave me when I was in third or fourth grade. There's still some inside the bottle. :)

  2. I like the title too! I can totally identify with the scents of youth, and always loved perfumes. My Mom's Wind Song will always be my best "youth memory scent" though.

    Wow the bottle with the darkest perfume seems to have evaporated the most.

    Cool post! Brings back memories for me too.

  3. Thanks, Chelly and Aunt Jackie. These scents have been part of me my entire life until recently, when the effect lessened too much.

    I do have memory scents, too.

    I have a bottle of perfume my mother used. I keep it in my medicine cabinet. The scent reminds me of her.

    And my father will always be Old Spice to me, though he uses something else now, I think. :)

  4. oh wow for a second i thought these bottles were in a real house. that wouldnt have been good! but that cool how you have something from your childhood. I'm going to have to do that for my kids.

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  6. Hello and welcome Jay! I added your link--thank you for taking the time to visit us. You can for sure link back to us. Cheers! :)

  7. Hi, Jay,

    I have a lot of things from my childhood, including the name ribbon from the pillow in my baby carriage, the beaded name bracelet my mother wore in the hospital when she had me (they didn't yet have the laminated paper ones they have now), and lots of other things. My parents saved things and I save things. I've already posted pics of some of my childhood things.


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