Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Two Tune Giant Screen Music Box TV

I was dumbfounded to come across the "Fisher Price Two Tune Giant Screen Music Box TV" on eBay recently. My brother and I had one of these ages ago. I can't remember what happened to ours but I have fond memories of playing with it. The songs featured on the music box are: "London Bridge" and "Row, Row, Row, Your Boat". The TV-screen turns as the music plays. It was brilliant.



  1. Oh yeah I had one of those when I was 5. I got it as a result of a "feel better" toy cause of me getting several stitches on my lips. I had fallen down the stairs chasing after a cat and at the bottom of the outdoor stairs was this rubber like unwelcome mat with some kind of steel pieces sticking out of them. My lips got caught on those and got ripped open.

    Last I seen of that toy was when we moved and left it on the curbed a few years ago. :)

  2. Hello there, what a terrible ordeal to go through. :( I can relate though, as I also fell down the stairs when I was little.

    That fisher price toy made me feel good too whenever i played with it.


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