Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart!!!

I dislike Valentine's Day, not for what it is supposed to be for people, but for what it has become in society and commercialization. I had a good friend point out a neat fact today though, she says that she doesn't say "Happy Valentine's Day", she simply says "Happy Heart... Whatever makes your heart happy today & every day!" I really do think that is a wonderful way to think of it, and a good way to redeem the true idea of "Valentines".

Looking back on my Childhood, as well as Teenage years, Valentine's Day was always miserable. I dreaded the fact that nobody ever had a "crush" on me, I always awaited the arrival of some 'surprise valentine gift' in vain. Without fail, I always overindulged in candy.

However, I guess there is something sort of sweet in remembering the way we celebrated Valentine's Day at school, we'd put these little bags on the back of our school desk, and kids would all pass out to their friends and valentines, those little card-type valentines that are mainly for children for school, do you know the ones? I felt like I got less than the other children sometimes, but I'm sure others felt the same way, and we used to get those little candy hearts with sayings on them.

All in all, there were some good memories, maybe more so at home because every year, without fail, my father would always buy my mother a huge beautiful box of candies and a pretty card, and he always got me one too. So, growing up, Daddy was my true Valentine. I've yet to meet a more thoughtful man, even though now as he is aging, and has so many health problems, he's not quite in the same mindset, but that happens, it's life.

I will always have those sweet memories from my childhood though. The school ones are more "bittersweet" I guess, but they fade with time just as the heartaches do.

So to everyone reading:

I wish you now and every day, a "Happy Heart"!


  1. Happy Heart to you too Aunt Jackie! I remember putting those little bags on our desk at school and waiting to see all the valentines. I love the cinnamon heart candy too.

    Hope everyone has a good one!

  2. Those Cinnamon hearts rock too! Thanks Chells!! I hope you enjoyed that post.

  3. It was fantastic Jax!


  4. I still await my one rose.
    The one I "heart" the most died last Valentines day. So I guess its a day thats even more somber for me.

  5. So sorry to hear that k_tigress. :(
    Our best wishes go out to you.

  6. k_tigress I am sorry to hear that too, holidays can be that way for so many... Sending healing thoughts.

    May you find more and more love as you go on.


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