Sunday, February 03, 2008

Mah Jongg, Anyone?

It's been a long time between posts, so I figured I'd better get something up to keep this blog going. It's too much fun to neglect. I hope people are still reading. Anyway, I had my Mah Jongg set out to take photos of for a challenge on flickr, and thought it would make a good post here.

Mah Jongg Set

I believe this was my mother's set. We had two, my mother's and my grandmother's. I got one of them and my sister got the other. The tiles are ivory and if you look closely, you can see many of them have faded. The top left tile has been painted with nail polish to be a blank which I believe was like a joker. The little round piece on the right, next to the dice is a wheel used for placing a "bet" on which person the odd player out (my mother played with 4 other women each week and only 4 could play each round) thought would win. For some reason, there's an extra yellow playing rack in this set. I hope it isn't the one that belongs in the other set.

I used to play a round or two after helping my mother set up for her guests and before they arrived. I would play with her card (of accepted hands for that year) and she'd play with one from the previous year. I never got very good, but I did all right.

I had my own cheap wood set for a while, but that's long gone. I never had friends who could play, so alas, I've forgotten much of the rules. I should try playing online one of these days, but it won't be the same without hearing the tiles bang against each other. That's one of the happy sounds from my childhood, listening from bed as my mother and her friends played one night a week in our kitchen.


  1. Awesome post Shelly! I've only played Mah Jongg on the computer. But I used to play Chess with my mum when I was a kid. And when she was little she would often play Chinese Checkers with her dad. Good times!

  2. We played Chinese Checkers, too. I should take a few pics of that. I still have the set.

    My mother, my grandmother, my sister, and I played Canasta a lot. It's one of my favorite card games, but it's been almost as long since I played that as Mah Jongg.

  3. I love playing Computer Mah Jongg but I have never played in real life!! :) Cool!


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