Thursday, April 03, 2008

Amusement Parks

I answered a meme question over on the Thursday Challenge that I thought would make a good post here, so here it is! I might've posted something about this before, but I might not have, and anyway, I offer links, too! And things have been a bit quiet here, so what the heck. :)

I wasn't a big fan of rides, but I did love amusement parks, especially the Haunted Houses and some of the concession games, especially SkeeBall. I found a few online versions I need to try. I liked pinball machines, too. The parks I enjoyed growing up were a small one for little kids in a neighboring neighborhood called Playland (it's long gone), Rockaway Playland, Coney Island (Astroland), Palisades Amusement Park (in New Jersey and immortalized in song), and FreedomLand (more here), all gone now, except Coney Island, which is in a state of flux now, with redevelopment on the horizon. But Rockaway Playland and Palisades closed, as did FreedomLand, where they used to reenact the Chicago Fire every night hourly. And on occasion, we'd go to Rye Playland, which had the best haunted house, which burned, and the replacement wasn't as good.


  1. I always loved the Haunted House rides too! And of course who doesn't love Amusement Park food, especially cotton candy. We'd often go to Centre Island as a last day of school trip. Such great memories. I'll post about that sometime too.

    Thanks so much for posting this Shelly, I enjoyed reading it! :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Chelly. And yeah, cotton candy. Yum. And so sticky. ;)


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