Monday, April 28, 2008

Regarding Magic

I believe in magic... depending on what your idea of magic is, and your views on life. I believe anything is possible. Life is hard sometimes, but if you hang in there, and trust yourself and follow your heart Magic is going to find its way to you in some form or another. All you have to do is "look"... it's all about how you see things.

Well, since I was a small child, I have been an avid believer of magic and also a relentless advocate of staying childish, and never getting "too big for your britches" (so-to-speak). Adulthood is all fine and good, but I always preach smelling the roses, and never letting life get you down to the point you lose touch with your own inner child, and "Magic".

So when we were little kids, my nieces (Stacey and Kristie, they were the first before anyone else), we were all close in age... We would go into the back yard with spoons out of the Kitchen drawer. Then, much to my Mother's dismay, we would dig... and dig... and dig.

What were we digging for?? A Magic Wand.

I always told Stacey and Kristie, "Keep digging! We're going to find this magic wand, and then we will be able to have anything we want, and we will be able to make everything perfect."

And so we dug, and dug. We never dug up an actual magic wand, but I am certain that the magic within our child-hearts stirred up quite a wonderful spell... I still catch glimmers of it sometimes, when the spring breeze blows through, or a 'butterfly passer-by' happens, per chance, to fly by and whisper sweet nothings into my ear.

So, I heard about this website on the radio the other day, it's called SMITH Magazine (Everyone Has A Story). They're putting together books of people's Memoirs. But get this, they're all "6 Word Memoirs". I decided to join in the fun... Here's mine... just that same little girl, still looking for the magic... Who are you?

Click pic to visit actual page

Caption says, "Still Searching For That Magic Wand".

And I am.


  1. Nice one Jax! I love magic too. I've heard about that "6 Word Memoir" thing before. It's an awesome concept and such creative memoirs--I love yours by the way. Here's to you finding that magic wand. :)

  2. I think so too! Thanks Chells!! :)


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