Monday, May 26, 2008

G-Force: Five Acting As One

"G-Force, fearless young orphans protecting
earth's entire galaxy, always five acting as one."

If you were a kid in the late 70s and early 80s, chances are you not only watched but revered Battle of the Planets (a 1978 adaptation of the Japanese animated series called "Gatchaman"). It followed the adventures of G-Force, a team of five "incredible" young people with super powers: Mark, Tiny, Keyop, Princess and Jason (pictured above, respectively) who protected Earth from the evil Zoltar and attacks from alien galaxies from "beyond space". Watching over G-Force from Center Neptune was "7-Zark-7", an R2D2-esque robot who sent out orders and forewarned of enemy attacks.

The show inspired many "beyond space" adventures for my brother and I. "Beyond space" for us was a pile of comforters in the hall closet. Sometimes we had up to five people in there duking it out in makeshift "spaceships". The clip below is like accessing memories from a vault: timeworn but still wonderful.


  1. I would make a model of the Phoenix using a combo of lego,Meccano&Capsella!

  2. Hi T! Now that's just cool. I bet it looked awesome.

  3. I was too young to remember that one when it came out or was it the fact they didn't have it on any TV channel that I knew about. But at least I go to enjoy it at a later date. What a cool toon. Toon net really should show it some time.

    I say my all time faves in 84 were Voltron and Thunder cats followed by the Transformers. I only had a small fascination with Jem. It was too much like a soap to me.

  4. Jem was truly, truly outrageous! Hee hee, couldn't pass a chance to say that. I used to watch Jem as well. It was like a soap but I didn't mind it too much.

    My brother was totally into Voltron, Thunder Cats and the Transformers. Just hearing those names takes me back! :)

  5. My brother and I loved this cartoon. I used to do drawings in my notebook of it and tell my uncle the dreams that I had about it.


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