Saturday, May 31, 2008

Update: Fables of the Green Forest

Since I first posted about Fables of the Green Forest (almost two years ago), I've received lots of emails asking where fans could watch the beloved series. Thanks to Marco we can now download 30 episodes!

The episodes are hosted here (make sure to download them rather than stream them).

There's a related TVO forum as well, where you can find other cherished TVO clips.

Thanks again Marco!

Update: You can now view most episodes of Fables of the Green Forest on YouTube. Click here for more. 


  1. Ooo sweat! Thanks for posting them and for the other person to host them. I am so going to collect these and enjoy these soooo much.
    now if only I could find that anime about that little girl that goes to Africa and she come upon a baby surger baby and nurses back to health. I just wish I could remember the name of the show. The only showed it twice on TVO.

  2. Hi K_Tigress! Yay for Fables of the Green Forest! Thanks to Marco and to the website owner. We can now finally enjoy our old friends. :)

    The show you're talking about sounds so familiar but I can't think of a name for it either. Did you check the TVO Forums?

  3. You can now watch most episodes on the Fables of the Forest channel on YouTube. Enjoy! Kind regards, Peter


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