Sunday, June 22, 2008

Flight 182

June 23, 1985: Air India flight 182 (leaving from Canada) exploded off the coast of Ireland, killing all 329 passengers on board.

I remember watching the events unfold on the news, horrified and confused. But for several seventh graders in my middle school (my brother included), the mayhem was just beginning. The realization that one of their beloved classmates (who left early for a summer vacation) may have perished on that doomed flight, set them off on a frenzy to uncover the truth.

Sadly, they were correct.

Their friend's death was officially announced by the principal the next morning. I can’t remember much, but I do recall that there was a deafening silence in our school that day. My brother said, all one could hear in class was the quiet sobs of teachers at their desks, and students huddled in corners. It was a horrible way to end the school year.

My brother often thinks of his classmate. Twenty-three years have passed but how could one forget?

If you can, watch the documentary entitled Air India 182 on CBC by Sturla Gunnarsson.

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