Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Family Album: Marineland Canada, late 70s

We took this photo (in other words, my dad took this photo) on a family trip to Marineland Canada in the late 70s. It was our first ever trip there. My brother and I were toddlers and just adored it.


  1. Anonymous7/08/2008

    Is MarineLand still around? It looks even better than SeaWorld!

  2. Yup it's still around--judging especially by all those commercials on TV (the same jingle for twenty years) :)

  3. Oh yeah, I when there for the first time in 82. That’s when my aunt came to visit from Europe. I have some lovely pics from that time and the shows were something that both adults and kids can enjoy. I was so envious of the kids with summer birthday’s cause they got to pet the killer whales. By the most recent visit, which was a few years ago, the quality of the shows to me went down and they just don't have as much stuff as they use to. Besides the dolphin and whale shows, they use to have large cat shows.

    They do have a few new things, like the beluga tank in which you can feed them fish, that hydraulic Para shoot ride thingy, the bear pit and a few other animals. I think like other things because of the economy it can't do as well.

  4. Hi K_Tigress! Thanks so much for the "Then and Now" review of Marineland. Love it. It's been so long since I last went there, so it's good to know how it fares currently as compared to my childhood memories. :)

    BTW, I totally forgot about the petting the whales on your birthday thing!

  5. I never got to go to Marineland... But would still love to.

    Gotta get used to these changes that the blog has been through :))

    Are we still all to continue contributing as normal? Just making sure...

    Thanks again, for the 4th wishes and I hope all is well!

  6. I love old photos - thank you for sharing. Our family went to Sea World in Florida in 1976 - my main memory of this is being sick. I liked the dolphins there.


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