Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Secret Railroad

To Chelly:

I'm very sorry to hear that yet another beloved show from childhood is slipping through the cracks, and no longer being aired. It seems that every day little pieces of our childhood slip away, never to return.

However, it's wonderful that the memories can live in our hearts, and play over and over again in our minds as much as we like. Our imaginations are what made us such creative children, and we are still those same creative and magical children inside.

Never Grow Up! :)

And here is one video I found.


  1. Thank you Jax! :) That was so sweet. That's one of the French versions but it's no less lovely! Ahh, such memories it brings...


  2. Yes, it's all I could find even on YouTube so far. Just trying to help a fellow playground buddy preserve a memory :) hehe

    I love the cat!! :)


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