Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Passe-Partout was a popular French language children's television program created by Radio Quebec in 1977. The series ran for ten years and was also broadcast in Ontario on Radio-Canada and TV Ontario.

The show remains etched in my memory, not in a clear and crisp way but as if it was a far off place I once visited or even an eccentric dream I once had rather than a show I watched on TV. One need not have been French to appreciate and enjoy the unique characters, the colourful costumes or those catchy tunes. I never knew what they were about but I tried to sing along, especially that theme song.

I've never heard anything like it. Have a listen or join in (the clip is of the cast singing it last year at a reunion):

Passe-Montagne aime les papillons
Les souliers neufs et les beaux vestons
Passe-Carreau culbute saute et tourne en rond
Où est Passe-Partout... le nez dedans son baluchon

Passent vite vite Cannelle et Pruneau
Avec le zèbre on court au galop
Quand on chante on chante comme des oiseaux

Où sont mes amis ?
Ils sont ici, ils sont ici...
Ils sont ici!

Perhaps this video montage will refresh your memory? Or even this fansite?

The DVDs are available on Amazon.

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