Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pretty Mary Sunlite

Jerry Reed in "The Phantom of the Country Music Hall"

My earliest memory of Jerry Reed was from his appearance on Scooby Doo where his song "Pretty Mary Sunlite" featured prominently. Watch a clip here.

R.I.P Jerry Reed (1937-2008)


  1. Oh I forgot to say, I saw that... It is really part of my childhood too as my parents listened to that type of music alot.

    R.I.P Jerry.

  2. I loved that episode of Scooby. My mum loved country music too. She was taught many of them at school in India (where they called them "Cowboy songs"). She wasn't familiar with Jerry but she loved Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline, Marty Robbins, Crystal Gayle and many more. :)


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