Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Secret Railroad (part 2)

Since I first posted about my memories of watching The Secret Railroad, two years ago, I've received several emails and comments from avid fans seeking video clips of the English version of the series. Some kind soul has uploaded a few episodes in French on YouTube but the English versions are more difficult to find.

I even contacted TVO and asked if they had any plans to rebroadcast the series or alternatively make it available to the public on DVD. Their response:

Dear Chelly:

Thank you for contacting TVO.

Unfortunately, as with other acquired programs from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, the broadcast rights for The Secret Railroad have expired. There are no plans to renew those rights, nor is this series available for sale from TVO.


Customer Relations

So I guess we're left with our memories of the show, unless someone, somewhere, had actually videotaped the originals. Anyone?


  1. Oh no. Well I'm not so familiar with the show, but do they not have any on youtube? Sometimes we survive by youtube I know.

    Well I'm sorry to hear this... Maybe you will find it, or can you order any DVDs? I wonder...

  2. Hi Jax!

    What would we do without YouTube? Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't have any English versions of the cartoon. I don't think its on DVD either. :(


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