Friday, January 23, 2009


Further to Jackie's wonderful post about her Commodore Vic 20 computer, here's a clip via TurboSchlumpf (who also shared this link), which will take you back to some 80s techno goodness:

Here's one I found for the Commodore 64 (keep browsing, there are more on YouTube):


  1. Isn't that just so cool?? Wow. Glad he stopped in and found our article.

    Fun to share all these cool memories and collectibles from our youth and beyond. Very interesting.

    Blogging brings so many new faces!

  2. Imagine if we had blogging back in the day? It would have been so much fun to be in high school or middle school and blog with friends or simply capture moments :) Thanks again for that great post Jackie. I'm so glad we could include our experiences with those Commodore computers here.


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