Thursday, January 22, 2009

Silver Spoons


  1. OMG I always watched this show. It was great... Silver Spoons! Love the theme song too. This and Facts of Life and oh I dunno, quite a good many in the 80s that were great.

    I miss my childhood. :)

  2. Me too Jackie, to everything you just said! :)

    There are lots of Silver Spoons clips on YouTube. They just started re-airing this program in Canada. I was just floored when I saw it again after all these years. Memories.

    I still watch the Facts of Life too. It's fun to see the fashions and hairstyles change over the years. Those were our years too Jax!

    Did you have a crush on Ricky Schroder back then too? :)

  3. Ah the warm fuzzies that clip gave me. To be a kid again at that time for just one day! They do not make shows like that anymore. It's not that simple anymore. Being a kid today is like everything in fast forward. So busy, complicated and technical. Hello Myspace...

  4. Mandy: Silver Spoons was one of those simple pleasures. :)

    I totally agree about all the social media/technology (hello Facebook)...Although blogging would have been fun back then but it just seems like a lot of things to put up with now.


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