Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter Weekend

A Happy Easter, Chicks with Purple Egg
A Happy Easter, Chicks with Purple Egg

Do you have any Good Friday traditions? My Mum, back when we followed these occasions more devotedly, would always make us do a special prayer after a reading of the story in the Bible. Being a solemn holiday, I recall that it was always quiet in our home on Good Friday. Everyone seemed pensive.

Easter, as can be expected was always more vibrant and lively. There was always laughter and a good meal, followed by prayers (actually the prayers came before the meal as well). Then of course, there were all the chocolates, easter beagles, egg painting and cartoons on TV.

Nowadays, sadly to say, holidays seem just like another day. Perhaps it's because I'm not so religious anymore. But I still like the way they make me feel: hopeful.

Have a lovely holiday weekend everyone! Happy Passover to all our Jewish friends. Be sure to read our previous Easter related posts.


  1. Happy Easter to all of you children!!! :))

  2. Such an adorable photo - loving the purple egg too. Your Good Friday tradition sounds lovely. We never really did anything special then. Easter certainly is a fun time.

  3. We don't really mark Easter in any big way, but there is always the yearly attempt at making Hot Cross buns. And, unfortunately, it usually proves to be the yearly failure at making Hot Cross buns. This year though, we got as close as we've ever been. We've now got a mixer with a dough hook and it did actually make all the difference. We did still get fed up half way through and turned the dough into a Chinese Round instead, but it did actually taste good. That's a lot more than can be said for our previous attempts. :)

    Then there's always Mum and I trading Mini Eggs for any other Easter chocolate to come floating my way. Mum's convinced that it tastes different - I can't say I've noticed - so she gives me Mini Eggs in exchange for everything else.

    I think I'd like to go on an Easter Egg hunt one year though. That's one thing I never did when I was little and there must be events for big kids as well.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely memories Kate! Loved reading them. I've never excelled at making Hot Cross buns myself, so you're in good company. It's great that you try every year. You're inspiring me to give it a go as well. It's so sweet that you and your mum trade Mini Eggs. I love all Easter chocolate, it can get pretty addictive. And I totally agree about the Easter Egg hunt idea. Having one for big kids like us would be grand! :)


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