Friday, May 01, 2009

Kissing A Fool

Happy May to everyone. May is a special part of springtime.

It's a time where love and infatuation tend to bloom, graduations come along and so many childhood friends say goodbye and go off to begin their lives and try to fulfill all of the goals that they have spent so many years planning and dreaming of. Hellos and goodbyes... emotions, blooming flowers, blue skys and fluffy-white clouds that can become anything you want them to, just like US.

Proms and athletic banquets come and go, and as the young graduates prepare for their ceremonial send-offs, many life-long memories are made.

Growing up, I rarely won anything (still don't really), maybe occasionally.

I attended my own senior prom with a date who was quite a bit taller than me, tall enough that I landed just about armpit level with him, much to my nose's dismay. The guy had terrible B.O.

Anyroad, I happened to get lucky that night (not with him mind you) and I won a "boom box", it had a dual cassette player/recorder, but not even a CD player. Still I was totally happy to win anything at all. Then I even won a second prize that night... a cassette tape of George Michael's "FAITH" album. I couldn't believe I'd won two prizes!

Two other girls and I had been hiding in the restroom that night avoiding our dates, and each time my prize was announced my date would come and knock on the door and inform me... and I rushed out and accepted the prize, then made an excuse about the other girls in the restroom and how I was going to "Check on" them, and would go back into hiding.

I danced with the guy as little as possible, due to olfactory issues as I stated above.

Prom ended... spring ended... High School ended. Summer and adulthood began. As a teenager, I still had aspirations of "getting a tan", which never quite worked out well, but not for lack of trying. So I would go out on the front porch of my childhood home, plug in my boom box and play my music... and lay out basking in the spring/summer sun... a song in particular that takes me back to the sights, sounds and scents of that very moment is a song off that very George Michael album entitled, "Kissing A Fool".

What better title for a moment of youth on so close to the edge of adulthood, still having so little experience in matters of the heart and having the entire, heartbreaking road just up ahead??

I Miss My Childhood... AJ


  1. Oh man, the guy had B.O! Noooo! :)

    So happy to read your post Jax: so heartfelt and poetic. There's nothing like being that age and having all those "new" adventures.

  2. Yes I know :( Wish we could somehow go back and do it all again, even if just for a moment.

    I need a time machine.


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