Friday, October 09, 2009


If you grew up in the Greater Toronto Area, there were certain places you simply had to visit and revisit with your family. Sometimes even your beloved (or dreaded) extended kin from America or overseas came along. One always knew, that come sunny weather, a trip to one of these locales would be inevitable. Depending on the company you kept, these trips were either wonderful or regrettable. Either way, these landmarks were (and still are) the stuff of memories. Simply dust and access...

A trip through our 70s family photo album:

African Lion Safari: Some monkey business on the car in front.
Monkeys l-o-v-e animal crackers.

CN Tower: look up, way up! My knees are wobbling already.

Toronto Zoo: Mum, me and bro.
Polar bears, elephants and pooping giraffes too.

Niagara Falls: Oh you delectable french fries in a cup (remember those)―how I've missed you! And you wonder of nature you, yes I've missed you as well.


  1. Lovely!! Great memories! :)

  2. what car is that?

  3. You know, I'm not sure what type of car that is. It wasn't ours but the folks driving ahead of us. I'll see if anyone in my family knows. :)


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