Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome Great Pumpkin

Hope you enjoyed our spooktacular festivities this past week! Enjoy the parties, candy, costumes, cartoons, scary stories, and all the fun this day has to offer. Please revisit our posts from Halloweens Past.

And of course, don't forget a visit with these ol' friends. Happy Halloween!

No rocks please!


  1. Welcome Great Pumpkin!!! Yay! Tonight He Comes! :)

    I am sure I'll get some rocks though.

    Happy Halloween Chells!

  2. Thank you Jackie! Hope you had a fun filled Halloween with lots of goodies!

  3. Ehhh I eat too many goodies on a regular basis. I need to stop!!! :)

    But Halloween was alright. How bout yours??

  4. I had way too many goodies myself! But that's what it's all about :P


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