Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sesame Street: Count 'Em 40 Years

This sounds like a job for The Count. After all, as far as numbers go, 40 is a milestone and such a task should be reserved for the experts who spend their waking hours teaching kids how to count (among other things). Actually, when you think of it 40 whizzes by in no time at all (especially if you are said age or are close to or past it), leaving a trail of brilliant memories in its wake. Where could one begin when reminiscing about Sesame Street? Which season was your favorite? Which vignette or song captured your heart? Who was your number one Muppet? On and on, the questions would go (and the memories would unravel).

I've blogged about many of my favorite Sesame Street memories in the past, including:
  • Sleepytime Bird
  • "a Loaf of Bread, a Container of Milk and a Stick of Butter"
  • Mr. Hooper
  • the classic "Snow" video
  • C is for Cookie
  • Me and My Llama and 
  • Christmas Eve on Sesame Street (click on the link above to revisit these entries). 

The list of course doesn't stop there. There are far too many beloved moments to cover.

In honor of this event, I'll share yet another favorite Sesame Street clip. It's no secret that I used to have a crush on Grover when I was a kid. Now, don't look at me like that (I'm not in need of therapy, thank you very much)! Grover was not merely an emotional blue monster, he also had an intriguing career as a waiter (the most unique waiter you'll ever meet), moonlighted as a super hero (Super Grover), and was in my opinion, the street's resident philosopher. So Grover had lots going for him indeed. The only thing that perplexed me was why Mr. Johnson (or Fat Blue as he is often called) frequented Charlie’s Restaurant while knowing Grover waited tables there. A mysterious thing indeed. Watch the clip below and see for yourself.

Happy 40th Sesame Street. Thanks for the memories.

Sesame Street: Grover and a Fly in My Soup:

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  1. Got busy and missed these... sorry. Yes Sesame Street was a big part of my childhood.


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