Sunday, December 20, 2009

RIP Alaina Reed

Alaina Reed: November 10, 1946 - December 17, 2009

At one point in my childhood, I was convinced much to my delight that Olivia Robinson, the television alter ego of actress Alaina Reed, was my next door neighbour. It took awhile but I discovered (much to my dismay) that Olivia lived quite happily on Sesame Street while my neighbour Mrs. G was merely a friendly lookalike. I soon deduced that I did not live on or near Sesame Street—the realization of which was rather disheartening. The sadness didn't last long though because one could always visit their beloved Sesame Street pals with the click of a channel.

I felt a different type of sadness when I heard of Alaina Reed's recent passing but the knowledge that I could always revisit her work with just a click of a mouse was just as encouraging as when I was a kid.

So here's to you Alaina Reed and Olivia Robinson. Thank you for teaching, guiding and inspiring so many children. Rest in peace.

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