Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Uncle Bobby Show: Bimbo the Birthday Clown

Oddly enough, Bimbo the Birthday Clown was one of my favourite segments from that beloved classic The Uncle Bobby Show. I say "oddly" because Bimbo whose role was to send greetings to children on their birthdays, was a bit frightening.  His robotic voice and popping out of a closet to greet children, was unsettling as it was intriguing. See the clip below, to see what I mean. Perhaps it was the oddness of his segment (and also his name) that kept him in my memory throughout the years.


  1. OMG Clowns are scary evil shitheads. lol :))

    That's just me...

  2. I hear ya! There's something unsettling about clowns. Although I was never afraid of Ronald McDonald...maybe because he made me crave french fries! :)


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