Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter's Here

If I were still a kid, this Easter weekend would have been spent fashioning little bunny rabbits out of paper and medicine-bottle-cotton-balls (for the tails of course), devouring chocolate versions of said bunnies, colouring eggs with an intensity and technique worthy of Marcie and Peppermint Patty, and of course watching the sparse albeit memorable holiday cartoon offerings. My Mum of course, ensured that at some point during the weekend, we incorporate appropriate verses of scripture, utterances of prayer and even for a moment, considerations of the religious and historical significance of Easter and Passover for devotees.

As an adult, I reflect back on those times (especially fourth Grade Easter) with a sense of joy, hope and longing. I still munch on those chocolate bunnies (and creme-filled eggs), say a few spiritual prayers, look for the Easter Beagle and secretly long to make those paper bunnies by the tea table.

My times undoubtedly have changed but those feelings...they're still there.

Have a lovely holiday weekend everyone! Happy Passover to all our Jewish friends. Be sure to read our previous Easter related posts.

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