Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do Adults Engage in Child's Play?

As a child, we were once all full of dreams and an imagination. Dreams of what we would become when we grew up, and an imagination to pass the time while we were still children. Many of those activities involved stepping into the land of makebelieve where we would dress up and pretend to be another character.

As the child progresses into adulthood, she or he steps into a career that doen't take her or him far from her or his childhood roots. A career that engages what we were known to do as children.

A Few Careers

The first line of those careers is acting. Acting is the art where one get paid to pretend to be someone else, either a fictional character or a real person (with biographies). The time where that actor steps into the shoes of the characters for one or two years until the film wraps. As children, we tended to dress up and play similar characters to those in the movies.

The second career is writing, which is more like being self-employed because a writer has more freedom than others. The freedom to write what the writer wants to write. If a publisher doesn't like the book than there are plenty more publishers who will. The most prized possession of a writer is her of his imagination, which is the same for a child.

The third is a cartoonist. A person who produces cartoon by drawing them. This person would also be a viewer of cartoons. A child sits in on Saturday mornings watching cartoon. Need I say more?

The forth is a zoologist. The type of person who with animals. As children, who didn't beg their folks for a pet (most particuraly a dog)? By this philosophy, would it be thick (dumb) headed of me to suggest that zoologist were once children who were denied pets?

The fifth career is an inventor: People who, well, invent things of interest or worthless crap as some of the stuff invented are. There is a certain type of an inventor who specializes in creating toys for tots or children. There are also testers who test these very toys. Children play with such toy. Need I say more?

The last career I will include is that of a magician. Someone who puts on shows by using magic tricks. This career places a lot of emphrases on imaginations due to the fact that the magician is forever coming up with a new act. An audience must also possess an imagination and an open mind to appreciate this type of art.

Now even as adults, we constantly get told to grow up, but the person who does the telling probably hasn't grown up either. There are many more examples of this theory of mine, broaden your minds (a childhood trait) and you will see them.

Will adults ever grow up? I beginning to believe that the answer will always be no. I know I haven't grown up yet and I'm in my twenties, approaching the quarter mark to be exact.

I end this entry with a silly question: Have you grown up yet?


  1. I'm still the same kid inside that I've always been albeit with the added benefit of experiences and observations that have made me a bit more wiser and stronger.

    Some days I just want to play and do nothing else. :)

    PS: loved this post!

  2. I still like standing outside when it rains. Don't know why it's just refreshing, I guess. "Pina coladas and getting caught in the rain". LOL!

    Thanks, I know it's something different but is spoke of adults and children and I thought I would post it here. I originally posted it in my blog when I realized I posted it in the wrong place.

  3. I guess that I haven't grown up yet. I still have no idea what I want to be. When I was a kid it was a writer. I wrote poems and a few short stories but they were lame. Sorry to sound so negative. I did enjoy reading your post.

  4. K.M. Pitts: I love standing outside when it rains too. :) And jumping in puddles. And when it snows, I'm all about making snowmen and throwing snowballs.

    PS: you can repost things from your blog if you'd like.

    Hi LaraAnn: it's a tough decision to figure out what one wants to do in life. I know lots of people who are searching even amid established careers. I guess it's the journey there that's important.

    PS: The writing thing stuck - you have a great blog :)

  5. LaraAnn,

    You're not alone. There are plenty of adults who don't know what they want to do in life, and some of them ending up working only to pay the bills and then quitting and taking off to pursue something else that they always wanted.

    Funny thing is adults have laughed at kids with some of their wild ambitions but yet they don't stop and think that at least children have them and know what they want even if they don't end up following them.

    You don't sound negative!

  6. I'm with Chells, I've never quite grown up and I still feel like the same kid. :)

    Don't really like the fact that I landed in the corporate world as much, cuz it's not as fun as the playground :)

    But I am coping. I am working my way back to sandcastles though.


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