Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tiny Talent Time Closing Lyrics

A most kind and diligent commenter has posted what may be (to a select group of folks) that holy grail of lyrics: the closing theme for Tiny Talent Time.

What's that you may ask? Do visit our previous posts on Tiny Talent Time for an explanation. Be sure to read the comment threads on those posts, for proof that seemingly obscure childhood shows continue to have an impact well beyond one's early days.

"This is the end of our show, we touch the stars for awhile. But dreams must end as we know. With tears or a smile. Our dreams at last have all come true..thanks to you and you and you...never had such fun before...wish that we had time for more! This is the end of our show, that's all there is tonight, we want our friends all to know, it's been a delight. So now before the curtains fall, we'd like to say to one and all...good night...good health....god bless you."

I seem to recall the line: "we are sorry that we have to go" being in there somewhere also but what we have here is most welcome indeed. Tiny Talent Time Fans enjoy!

Update (August 1, 2014): Here's another commenter contribution for the closing lyrics to "Tiny Talent Time":

"This is the end of our show
We are sorry that we have to go
Hum hmmm hummhmmhm
All the cameras, lights and microphones.
Will be set for tiny talent to shine
So won't you watch for our return again
On our next tiny talent time."

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