Friday, October 01, 2010

The New Adventures of Pinocchio

Another stop-motion Rankin/Bass treat: The New Adventures of Pinocchio. The theme song awakens memories of weekend mornings long ago: seated on the couch next to my brother, eyes glued to the TV set. The New Adventures of Pinocchio was a 1960s offering but like many other Rankin/Bass creations was beloved in the 70s and 80s as well. If you were a fan of this cartoon, there are several episodes on YouTube. Visit the Rankin/Bass Historian (a brilliant resource for all things Rankin/Bass) for more related goodies.


  1. Humm I don't think I had a chance to watch this one. I don't ever remember seeing this on TV.

    I'll have to save this on my "must check out on You Tube" list.

    Thanks. :)

  2. Anonymous3/19/2013

    I have a toy of pinocchio playing a xylophone from this cartoon it brings me back old memories from when I was a kid love my toy and it still works.

    1. Wow, you still have the toy and it works to boot! That's fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing this memory with us! :-) The New Adventures of Pinocchio was so much fun.


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