Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So Long, Mr. Cunningham

"Tom’s insight, talent, strength of character and comic timing made him a vital central figure in the Happy Days experience. A great father and husband, and a wonderful artist, Tom led by example, and made us all laugh while he was doing it. My last conversations with Tom reflected the love of life and peace of mind that he always maintained throughout his full and rewarding life. I miss him already.” - Ron Howard 

It's been a tough week for TV parents.

RIP Tom Bosley (a.k.a Mr. Cunningham): you were an awesome TV dad, replete with hugs, advice and of course the much needed comfort of a LifeSaver candy when the winning basket (forward to 9:40 of the video) in a huge high school game goes amiss.

So long, Mr. C, and thanks.


  1. My mom, brother and I enjoyed watching Happy Days. The first few years of it were the best. He was good in Murder She Wrote too. Mom liked him in Father Dowling mysteries.

    I have that 8x10 photo in black and white in my scrapbook.

  2. I loved the first few seasons of Happy Days the best too. Mr. C was an awesome dad. One of the best TV dads. Ron Howard was blessed with another awesome TV dad - Andy Griffith. I also loved the father on My Three Sons.


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