Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tree House

My brother knows that I haven't fully grown up nor did I have a childhood replete with the tree house experience...hence the delightful card shown above for my birthday last month. It reminds me of the house Casey and Finnegan lived in over at Mr. Dressup's place. Tree houses seem magical don't they? We may never have had one but we did transport our balcony into a makeshift treehouse/clubhouse/hideaway/spaceship. So it was all good. Thanks bro.


  1. Nice card!

    Mr Dressup another one of my faves I just couldn't miss.

    I always wanted a tree house but as a kid who didn't. I had this fort though at the size of an outhouse.
    It even had this big cartoony key that actually locked the place. oh and there was this little window that you could open and close and lock as well and I really made it like a little house by putting in make shift curtains and made a little broom out of long field grasses and a stick. My neighbors and former best friends really had some good times playing in that little house and what not.
    Oh and we still tried to make tree houses at the deadend empty lot but they were never as nice as the ones in pictures and kid movies.

  2. It was very thoughtful of your brother to get you such a nice card. My brother and I sometimes wished that we could have a tree house too. We did have a house made out of the box from a new refrigerator for a little while. And sometimes in the fall my mom would make us leaf houses - raking the leaves into low piles and making "rooms" out of them.

  3. K_Tigress: Mr. Dressup was classic and mandatory viewing wasn't it? That tree house in his backyard just seemed so cool. Your Fort sounds like it was a lot of fun. I like the idea that you had an actual plastic key - wow! :)

    Lara Ann: We loved playing with boxes too. We had so many adventures with simple boxes. It's amazing where your imagination can take you. Your mum is so sweet to make those leaf houses for you. Did you jump on them too? Fun!

  4. Oh no it wasn't plastic. It was the real deal. My dad made it out of some junk he had lying around.
    He's really great at repairing and welding things. Its his gift. I think that's where I get my creative genes.
    You should see his large wooden plant pots and other things he made.

    Guess I'm going to have to show them off. :D

  5. He made a real key for your fort - that's too cool! I don't know where I got plastic...I guess I interpreted "cartoony" as plastic - d'oh! :)

    I hope you show off your dad's work, so we can all marvel at his creations!


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