Thursday, November 04, 2010


RIP Sparky Anderson, you will be remembered for your baseball career, your kindness and of course (by us 70s/80s kids) for your stint on WKRP.

38 1

38 Part 2


  1. I was so shocked when I heard about his death. The day before I heard about him being placed in a home or something and then the next night mom goes and tells me that he passed away. I just could not believe her at first. To me it sounded like she miss-understood since she is prone to that.
    He will always remind me of my best childhood year the summer of 1984.

  2. Sparky had that magical quality that so many people responded too. Such a loss.

    Oh how I remember 1984. I started a new school then. The music, fashion and vibe of that year was so unique. Sounds like it was a special time for you.


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