Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas 1985

Christmas 1985 was all about George Michael. I loved him. His voice. His face. His hair. His dance moves. His music.

His poster graced my locker at school. Such comfort he did provide during those troubling middle school years. Much to my delight, I discovered a best friend that would ride with me through thick and thin, during those in between years of growing up. Not surprisingly, our friendship was sealed within our first conversation:

Her: "What bands do you listen to?"

Me: "I really like Wham." (giggles)

Her: "Me too! (giggles, squeals) George Michael is gorgeous but Andrew is my favourite."

That's all it took in the end. A deep bond was forged. Giggles, shared diary entries, unending phone calls, writing collaborations for soap operas featuring George Michael, Andrew Ridgeley and super models who uncannily resembled the aforementioned BFFs and a multitude of adventures followed.

That Christmas (1985) when I should have been listening to Last Christmas (Wham's iconic 1984 hit), I was religiously listening to a vinyl 45 RPM of I'm Your Man instead—a yuletide gift from my new found best friend. I was in pre-teen heaven. A step closer to George Michael. Squeals. Gasps. Heaven.


  1. I still have my Wham Make It Big and Fantastic cassettes. I wish that I hadn't gotten rid of Music From the Edge of Heaven and a few of the 45s. Such good music. I enjoyed reading about your Wham memories.

  2. I can't tell you how badly I wanted the Wham Make it Big cassette back then. :)

    PS: I'm glad you enjoyed the post LaraAnn. Cheers!


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