Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Happy Chanukah

"The holiday of lights is here
Good friends and happiness to share
Sweets with honey for us to eat
Candles to light and friends to greet."  (via ReaderKidz)

They lit the first candle on the large menorah at Mel Lastman Square today. The public square in the heart of Toronto's northern most suburb is a hub of activity year round but when Chanukah and Christmas approach, there's an extra special warmth in the air.

I grew up in a diverse neighbourhood settled by immigrants the world over, with traditions galore. Just walking down the street during the holidays, you'll see a marriage of blinking Christmas lights with various sized menorahs and dreidels in shop windows. The aroma of food baking, music blaring, languages reverberating, the collecting and sharing of chocolate coins, Turtles etc: the joy of the holiday season - this is what I grew up with and loved so dearly as a child. . . and still do.

With many good wishes, a very Happy Chanukah to my Jewish friends: may your celebrations bring back sweet memories of childhood!

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