Monday, December 06, 2010

The Voice: RIP Mark Dailey

Mark Dailey was a Toronto reporter, known for his humour, integrity and booming omnipresent voice.

He was unequivocally the voice of the city. When you heard Mark Dailey speak, you knew you were in Toronto. The voice of Toronto was honest, hardworking and trustworthy. It was everywhere even if one wasn't paying attention.

In the mid-70s, after working gigs in Ohio and Detroit, Mark Dailey and his voice arrived in the Canadian city that would embrace him and become his home for over three decades. A few years later when I was amid the rigors of first grade, he started working at CityTV, an exciting local news station, still in its infancy. He was the fedora-wearing crime reporter who was said to "own the streets". He was one of the first in Canada to specialize in crime reporting, helped launch Crime Stoppers in Toronto and covered many high profile cases.

Beloved, revered, iconic and yet Mark Dailey was an everyman who cared about people. He was part of my life since first grade. He was the guy who stopped by everyday to tell us about things: from the relevant to the nonsensical to the tragic. Unforgettable were his mid-afternoon updates and late night anchoring. His humorous mini-narratives that introduced weekly television programs were legendary. It was the voice. That voice. It stopped us in our tracks, much like news of his passing today. RIP Mark Dailey.

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  1. Anonymous2/15/2011

    Mark Dailey DIED?? OMG! :(

  2. So hurtful, I know. He will be missed. :(


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