Thursday, December 16, 2010

Walking in the Air

There's nothing quite like a snowman this time of year. The amount of time you spend rosy-cheeked, fingers frozen to the bone, in frosty (pardon the pun) weather is entirely worth it when your creation is at long last revealed. It's even better when they come to life and fly you around town.

It's cold outside, so why not  revisit old friends? Take it away Raymond Briggs:

Two different intros: the Father Christmas intro and the David Bowie intro.


  1. My brother and I loved making snowmen when we were kids. We made a snow fort with our friend Kim once too. Winter time was fun back then. Now I really don't like the cold weather.

  2. Playing in the snow was so much fun. I'd always meet unexpected friends while making snowmen. It never fails you see someone making a snowman, you just want to join in. Snow forts were massive fun - especially when they were equipped with snowballs! :)


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