Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope all the "Sweet Baboos" out there have a happy day. Be sure to visit our collection of Valentine's posts for some fun childhood memories.


  1. Happy belated Valentine's
    Hope you had a nice and loving one. Just found out you sent me another card. Sorry about missing it. But none the less its the thought that was very much appreciated. Just been busy with stuff to really look in to my blog n things and other stuff. So any how, I'm sort of in between things and I had a chance to "lift my head out from under my rock" and have a look around. LOL :D

  2. Happy Valentine's to you too! Regarding the card, no probs but so sweet of you to share that. :)

    It's good to be busy and creative. You go girl! PS: It's fun when you visit though. :)


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